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I was wanting to start an online school program I was looking at several schools.I talked to the SJVC admissions representative for a while, I decided after a month to start their program.

While halfway through my program, I was asked about places I wanted to do my externship. When I was talking to the admissions rep. I was told that the school would find an externship sites for me, I emailed the appropriate people and was given the run around, in short if I don't find a place to do my externship I will not graduate. The employees at this school are incompetent.

You try to call and no one answers the phone or voice mails.

Schools like these are just interested in getting MONEY anyway they can even if it means to lie to prospective students.DO NOT DEAL WITH SJVC

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Sorry you felt that way! Please shoot an email to so we can help you get connected with the right people and make sure you have all the information you need to graduate! :sigh

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